10x Soldering Project with Morse key – Ohm’s Law and Kirchhoff’s Law Ham Radi

10 pieces one set instructions, instructions can be down loaded from poldhuradiokits.com

A project to help teach students soldering skills and learn the basics of Ohms’ Law and Kirchoff’s law through a practical circuit. The build instructions also includes practical experiments on Voltage and Current measurement. 

This could form part of the Foundation and  Intermediate practical assessment for the Ham Radio Course and can be a valued aid to understanding practical electronic circuitry.
The board is  well laid out  and idea for the novice solderer. The board also includes a useful Morse Code key ideal for mobile use on low voltage Transceivers. The board is housed in a plastic holder to protect surfaces against abrasion.
The kit includes everything required including the battery holder. 2 x CR2032 batteries are required ( not included in the kit) . A digital multi-meter will be required to do some of the experiments in the work sheet.
Please email if you require further information.

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